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We understand that everyone is different. So we’ve put together some options for you to choose from.

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A self-serve option, full of useful information to help you with parts you might be stuck on. New content added weekly.

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Monthly Membership

If you’re looking for a bit more hands on guidance, then this is the option for you. We walk you through every single step right from the beginning through to as far as you want to take it. We only accept enrolment a couple of times per year so that during those first few weeks, when everything is so new, you have our undivided attention to help you to get going. Our membership is structured and everything is done in sequence. You get videos, printable documentation, live chat sessions, a support community, and more…
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This option is best for anyone who is starting completely from scratch and wants to ensure that they are working through a systematic approach to creating and maintaining their online presence while being fully supported throughout the process. The membership progresses at a slow but steady pace, ensuring that you have time to learn, implement and tweak, while still making noticeable progress every week. It’s also the most economical choice.


If you’re looking to get specific things done a bit quicker and you’d rather pick and choose which components you want to work on, then our selection of courses might be the best option for you. Each course is 6 weeks of intensive instruction. To get the most out of these courses you need to be able to allocate at least a couple of hours every day to reaching your goals.

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One-on-One Advisor

If you’re looking for a more personalized and in-depth approach to developing your online presence that involves more guidance and advice specifically tailored to you, you may want to consider contacting Tanya as an advisor.

Through this option you’ll have open access to all of the training materials, you’ll be given a customized, detailed plan to work with, you’ll receive weekly calls to discuss, review, plan and ask questions.

This investment is $4997 per month. Tanya only ever works with 2 clients per any given month.

To inquire please email: [email protected]
Attention: Tanya and include “One-on-One Advisor” in the subject line.

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