Panoptic News is the overarching, parent umbrella for the various divisions represented here on this page. Each division is interconnected and the entire network is managed and maintained by the same loyal team that brought you the original Gateway Gazette publication. Please explore each division below to find out more about the many options we have available for our readership, businesses and authors.

Gateway Gazette
Digital media providing grassroots content and multiple interest based topics. Free subscription. Content submissions.[...]
Business Directory
An active, paid business directory that's kept current. Access the listing categories here and learn how to setup your own[...]
Gazette Marketing
Marketing services including advertising, social media management, strategic planning. Upon successful purchase of any of these options you will receive[...]
Panoptic Foundations
Eliminate the fear, frustration, and overwhelm that goes with trying to figure out the digital landscape: For authors and businesses.[...]
Bookshop Bistro
A collaborative blog for readers and authors to connect. Whether your a lover of books or a passionate writer. We[...]