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Hey, it's pretty awesome that you stopped by!  Panoptic News offers a variety of areas for you to explore, covering the niches of local content, digital media, advertising/marketing, digital training services, consulting, and a super cool section for readers and authors.  In the Gateway Gazette you'll find a bunch of local content geared towards Alberta, Canada - but - since we have readers that come from far and wide, we make sure to include a nice mix of non-geographically bound content too. But if you're from the areas of Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview, Priddis, Millarville, Okotoks, High River, and Calgary, then you definitely want to be keeping an eye out here and should probably subscribe to our email digest (daily or weekly delivery available.)  All the other sections are in no way geographically bound. So grab a cuppa and go for a cruise!

Content Submissions
Welcome to the Panoptic News network. We accept content submissions and guest bloggers from a wide range of niches. We[...]
Gateway Gazette
Digital media for local grassroots content and multiple interest based topics. Free subscription. Content submissions.
We provide a custom platform for our advertisers to stand out, while integrating with our content in a way that[...]
Panoptic Foundations
Eliminate the fear, frustration, and overwhelm that goes with trying to figure out the digital landscape: For authors and businesses.[...]
Bookshop Bistro
A collaborative blog for readers and authors to connect. Whether your a lover of books or a passionate writer. We[...]

Panoptic News is the overarching, parent umbrella for the various divisions represented here on this page including digital media, advertising/marketing, training services, and the book publishing industry for authors and readers. Each division is interconnected and the entire network is managed and maintained by the same loyal team that brought you the original Gateway Gazette publication. Please explore each division above to find out more about the many options we have available for our readership, businesses and authors.

The Gateway Gazette is our original publication that was launched in 2004 and that converted from a print newspaper to 100% digital in 2012. It's focus originated on serving the Western Foothills including: Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview, Priddis and Millarville. As our readership has grown to extend throughout the Foothills, including Okotoks and High River, and into Calgary, we have been expanding our content as well. We have always been focused on being a submission based publication and encourage the public to submit content. 

The Business Directory and the Gazette Marketing divisions are both linked directly to the Gateway Gazette, but are not geographically bound services.​

While still under the same umbrella, Panoptic Foundations is a separate division with no geographical boundaries and it provides resources, consulting and training around the world for beginners, with a focus on entering the digital landscape.

Bookshop Bistro is a collaborative resource for readers and writers with a tilt towards Indie, or self-published, authors and aspiring authors.

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Panoptic News divisions and we invite you to explore the various sections and to reach out to us through our contact page if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.​