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Panoptic News is a collaborative Digital Media site bringing a wide range of content to you under one roof. Browse multiple different sections completely unrelated to each other – without getting lost!

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Gateway Gazette is our primary news section featuring local level news from around the Foothills of Alberta as well as some provincial, national and global level stories.


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Bookshop Bistro is a fun niche section completely dedicated to books – both reading them and writing them.

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Panoptic Foundations is our training division geared towards non-techies!

We’ve got a collection of articles to help you figure out the digital landscape. We’ve got a free course on how to use Canva. We’ve got a membership that is a walk-you-through-it program for all aspects of your online presence.

Basically, we teach non-techies how to tech. More specifically, we teach entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs how to setup their Online Presence from scratch, with ease. We’ve got stand alone courses on specific topics and specific guided paths that take you through each step to create your base website and eventually grow it; setup your social media platforms; plan and create content; scheduling; automation; tying it all together, and so much more… and all handled one little step at a time, while you repeatedly have those “holy-crap-moments” when you’re doing and understanding things that you never thought you could.