Your Job...

as a business is to provide fantastic products and services to your customers . . .

Our Job...

is to make sure as many people as possible know about them!

Your Job...

as a business is to let people know about all the great things you have available for them...

Our Job...

is to make sure as many people as possible see your message!

What We Do

We provide you with as much digital exposure to your local market as possible.

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Your ad will be available through our website 24/7 for the duration of your campaign. If someone wants to come back to it, they'll easily find it.

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We take you to where your customers are hanging out in a friendly manner that encourages engagement and interaction.



We have permission to invite you into the homes of our readership by delivering them personal emails that share your message.

  What Advertisers Have To Say  

Being busy owners of Pharmasave Black Diamond, my wife, Deirdre and I appreciate the seamless coordination of time lines and event posting that the Gateway Gazette provides.  The personalized attention that Pam and Tanya give us make it easier to have an active presence online and allows us to do what we do best, that is to run a business.

Jason Spicer, Owner Pharmasave

Why Digital?

Because it's always there - and it's always ready . . .

  • One of the great things about digital advertising is that it can be setup very quickly and you can be reaching your audience within hours.
  • Another great thing about digital advertising is that it keeps working even when you're sleeping.
  • Yet another great thing about digital advertising is that it can be extremely economical - allowing you to reach a larger audience at a fraction of the cost of all other forms of media.

There are currently over 3 billion active users on the Internet. Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users. Pretty much says it all.

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