Getting Going Online

I bring out the "techie" in everyone, even if you think you can't...

I work with entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs to help them to get going online. I eliminate the myths that it's too complicated for you to do yourself or that you have to spend thousands of dollars to create a professional and well branded online presence.

Are you ready to create your compelling online presence? We'll step you through the process of leveraging your Facebook presence, designing great graphics, and choosing your website theme. Then when you're up to speed on these start points join the waitlist for our membership club that will propel you forward to stunning success. While you're waiting for our club to open, join our Facebook Group: Getting Going Online to ask all your questions and get expert answers.

You're on the Right Path

​We turn stressed out, non-techie entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs, into kids who grin at their computer like it’s their favourite toy.

Build it, Use it, Grow it, Savour it!

  • Who are you

Tanya is the techie!

Tanya is the teacher, the coach, the mentor. She’s techie, and geeky, and lives technology in pretty much every way possible. She embraces new challenges and every day learns something new about technology.

Pam is the Guinea Pig!

Pam is Tanya’s sidekick (and her mom) and makes sure that Tanya stays on task. She also tests each new concept presented. Just like you, Pam is NOT techie!

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