About Us

What is Panoptic Foundations and who are the people behind it?

Panoptic Foundations is a business that was established to provide entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs with clear guidance on how to create and maintain an online presence for their business that will drive customers to them.

We are not:

  • Web designers for hire
  • Social media managers for hire
  • Graphic designers for hire

While we are in fact all of those things, we are not for hire to do them for you.

At the heart of the matter, we’re teachers and we focus on beginners. We will teach you how to do every tiny step necessary to create, develop and grow an online presence that will benefit your business.

We won’t tell you that you need to change your business model to “be” digital. Last we heard a plugged toilet can’t be fixed remotely from a computer… but on that note, do please let us know when that service is available!

We are avid supporters of the brick and mortar business and we want to make sure that they are leveraging every possible avenue to maintain growth and success.

We are also avid supporters of authors who recognize that publishing books is also a business and we want to make sure that they too are leveraging every possible avenue to maintain growth and success.

The Internet does not need to be perceived as a competitor to the brick and mortar business model. Sure in some ways it is a competitor. But in many more ways it’s an ally to be leveraged.

The Internet doesn’t need to be seen has a hostile corporate takeover or merger. Sure some brick and mortar businesses choose to either add eCommerce to their business or change to it completely. But that is an individual choice based on needs and desires.

Brick and mortar will always have a place in society. So our sole goal is to help business owners embrace digital in a way that makes sense and works for them today while also giving them permission to change their mind tomorrow. Technology is constantly changing so you never have to worry that a decision made today will be carved in stone forever.

We teach you how to create a solid foundation and build on it in a way that is fluid, agile, cost efficient and time efficient.

Because we know and understand these are scary waters for many individuals and that many have been burned in the past, we offer some pretty meaty free content as well. We want you to succeed and if that means you need to take our free content, do a bit more research and go a little bit slower to get it done – we are all for that and that’s why we provide the information that we do.

But our real passion and where we really shine is within our paid membership. In there, we go super deep. We break everything down into totally manageable pieces. We’re on hand to provide support and answer questions. And man is it ever rewarding.

  • The amount of stress that you’ll feel wash away.
  • The sense of pride and accomplishment that you’ll experience.
  • The results that you’ll achieve.
  • The goals that you’ll reach.

Words can’t describe the warm and fuzzies we get over all of that.

It’s also why we priced the membership so insanely affordable. We’ve been in the position where hundreds or thousands of dollars are deal breakers.

So we wanted to make sure that the price point on this membership, that SO many business owners seriously need, was absolutely attainable.

Ok so what about “us”? The “we” constantly referred to? Who’s fingers are typing these words?

(Drum roll please….) Haha.

All of this information and value is brought to you by a mother-daughter team.

Pamela Dykes-Jones (mother)
Tanya Jones-Thibodeau (daughter)

Each brings a different set of skills and perspective to the table. And brainstorming together is their specialty.

Tanya is the techie and writer.

Pam is the editor and tester.

(Yes it’s weird to write about myself in third person, but hey, it reads better for you!)

But enough about us! We want to hear from YOU. We’d love it if you could take a quick moment to fill out the form below:

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