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What is Grassroot content?  It's content that focuses on the local level of any geographical region. 

Since 2004 the Gateway Gazette has been focused on the Grassroot content of the Western corridor of the MD of Foothills in Southern Alberta (primarily Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview, Priddis, Millarville, Okotoks, High River, and Calgary).  As we grow and expand, we'd like to see more Grassroot content come our way for other regions too. You can help facilitate that growth by helping to spread the word!

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Content Submission

We welcome, embrace, and encourage article submissions from everyone. In fairness to our paying advertisers, an article submission can't be used in lieu of paying for an ad. However, any topic article that provides value, interest, and/or education to our readership are most definitely wanted. AND we want you to include a bio with a link back to your website when applicable. We support assisting all entities with their domain ranking and exposure. 

Please our content submission page.

Please be sure to clearly indicate in the subject line that you're email is a submission for publication, and please include images free of copyright. If you don't already have an appropriate image, we recommend browsing through - from here you can simply include the URL to image page.

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