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Could Mediation Help You?

By Gateway Gazette

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Nov 29


Most lawyers will advise clients that Court should always be the last resort.  When direct negotiations are not likely to succeed, one alternative is Mediation.

Mediation offers a process to people involved in a dispute to meet with an independent, neutral third party to discuss the problem, their interests and potential solutions. Mediation allows parties the opportunity to participate and to jointly craft a solution that is tailored to their individual circumstances. No one imposes a decision or makes any determination as to “right” or “wrong”. Each party has the opportunity to express their concerns, tell their stories and attempt to work out an agreement.

Mediation is more flexible, expeditious and cost-effective than litigation. Mediation is common-place in all types of disputes, including family, business, estates, construction, employment and workplace.  Many contracts and agreements now include a clause that requires the parties to mediate a dispute prior to resorting to litigation. People are now seeing that litigation should be used only as a last resort if and when all reasonable, less expensive and more expeditious avenues are exhausted.

There are some fairly standard process steps that mediations go through.  Parties should ensure that they understand the process and they know what to expect before they attend the mediation.  Chances of a successful mediation, of resolving the dispute or at least resolving some of the issues between the parties, are enhanced by taking the time to prepare for mediation.  Knowing some tips for effective mediation will also enhance the effectiveness of the mediation.

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James C. Lozinsky Law Firm

We pride ourselves in treating all of our clients with dignity, courtesy and professionalism. This is reflected in our excellent reputation and high rate of return clients and client referrals. Our focus is on the individual, be it the home buyer/seller, someone planning their estate, the small business owner or someone needing assistance from the consequences arising from a family break-up or loss. Our focus on the individual directs us to provide exemplary service to each client, whether it is the sale of a business or the administration of an estate.

We also take great satisfaction in keeping our rates and fees as low as possible. Our clients want cost-effective solutions. They want a lawyer who is easy to talk to and empathetic to their situation. They want to have a pleasant and productive working relationship with their lawyer. We understand that our clients’ legal problems are important to them, and that when they need a lawyer, they need someone in their corner they can trust. Our clients’ comfort, dignity and respect are our top priority.

We find efficient and effective ways of reaching our client’s goals. When claims can be settled fairly by negotiation or mediation, I will do so. When this is not possible, I will not hesitate to go to trial in order to achieve the best possible result for our client.

Our office staff is experienced and knowledgeable, and their effectiveness and efficiency are a big factor in our firm’s success. Their helpfulness, friendliness and attention to detail reflect the care and concern with which our clients’ legal needs are being handled.

We service clients in the Foothills of southern Alberta. Our clientele comes from Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Millarville, Calgary, Blackie, Priddis, Longview, Lethbridge, Cochrane and Canmore.

Giving Back
I know that a strong community depends on the participation and support of local businesses. My firm has a long history of helping the community. In recent years, some of the local groups I have actively supported include the High Country Minor Hockey, The First Oilfields Scouts, St. Vincent De Paul Society, Okotoks Junior Bisons, Okotoks Dawgs, Beneath the Arch Concert Series Society, Library, Diamond Valley Family Run and the Food Bank.

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