Dino needs a new home (and maybe a new name?) - Gateway Gazette

Dino needs a new home (and maybe a new name?)

By Gateway Gazette

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Dec 01

Can you imagine having a 4′ dinosaur under your tree on Christmas morning?

He’s soft to the touch with a sturdy wireframe construction, long tail, and wide feet to help it to stand tall.

He would make a perfect decorative piece for any room, as well as a catalyst for imaginary adventures!

The giant T-Rex ruled the prehistoric world, and now it could rule your child’s room!

This dynamic dinosaur makes a huge impression; the gigantic, multi-coloured plush T-Rex stands an imposing 51 inches (more than four feet!) tall and is sure to be the centrepiece of any room, inspiring endless creativity.

Hurry in and fill out your entry form to win DIno and take him home (or have him delivered) for that special child on your list.

The draw takes place tomorrow (December 7th).

No purchase is necessary – just don’t miss out on your chance to brighten a child’s life this Christmas morning.

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