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It's critically important that your business is visible where customers can see you.
And this is why we recommend becoming a member of the Gateway Gazette Business Directory as a great first step. Whether you're a local business, or an online business that can service our Foothills of Alberta region, or an author with great books for our locals - a listing in our business directory is an economical choice for anyone.

You may be wondering why a business directory listing should be such an important part of your marketing efforts...

Below we cover a number of scenarios for you to take under consideration - whether you're a local business, an author, or run online courses or memberships. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have, simply email us at: [email protected]

Everyone does not know who you are
simply because:

You're Local...

You Sell Online...

If you have the attitude that because you're local then everyone who is local already knows about you, then you are losing business.

The population of any community is constantly changing. New people move out and in. Lifestyles change. Wants, needs and desires change. Someone who didn't need your business offerings yesterday could very well need them tomorrow.

When people find themselves in a new situation then they'll also find that they have new needs. They will then turn to local resources to find ways to meet those needs

An active and high profile, local business directory is a resource that people can trust, which gives you a leading edge of establishing credibility.

While the concept of "build/write it and they will come" is charming and perhaps romantic, it's sadly far from the reality online marketers face.

The Internet is for certain a massive market place, which may lead you to think that with access to that many prospects selling should be a breeze. However, the reality is that it simply makes it easier for you to get lost in the mix with many other marketers.

Yet the focus for Internet marketing is for you to go to them. For you to post content and run ads. While these methods can be effective, people often look for resources in familiar places - such as local directories.

An active and high profile, business directory is a resource that people can trust, and gives you a credible location for people to find you.

Sleep Erases Advertising.

If you don't stay visible to your customers through the slow times AND the busy times, they will eventually forget about you when they need you. 

If you're too busy to advertise aggressively, a business directory listing will ensure that you don't get forgotten.

If you can't afford to advertise aggressively, a business directory listing will ensure that your customers can still find you.

The reality is that for every night of sleep your customers get without seeing any sort of message from you, the less memorable you will become to them.

When you don't have a large advertising budget enabling you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for branding and front of mind presence, then a cost effective business directory is an excellent, consistent choice.

You need to be visible where your customers hang out.

Ensure your customers can find you when they need you.

Consistency helps to level
out the highs and lows.

Don't put the cart before the horse.

Everywhere you look these days you see big offers and claims to "build your list" and "grow your business" and "double your sales overnight" - but if you don't have ANY kind of online presence and/or if customers can't find you when they want you, then these other offers and claims won't do you any good.

An online presence is the combination of everything you have and do online.

And there is a logical order to the process.

There are certain things that you need in place before you can jump into other things.

  • You wouldn't have inventory delivered before you have a store to put it in.
  •  You wouldn't setup a table at a market before you've created the products that you'll be putting on display.
  • You wouldn't ask a bookstore to setup a novel display before you've written the novel.
  •  You wouldn't run a launch campaign without having a means to process payments. 

These same concepts apply when establishing an online presence. There's no point in learning how to build an email list if you don't have a means of collecting email addresses.

Fortunately, there are a number of options and alternatives that do enable you to get certain things started sooner rather than later.

A well structured online business directory is one of those alternatives.

Start where you are,
with what you have.

With our business directory, you don't have to start out with all of the pieces.

You don't have to have a website, and content, or even a social media presence.

If you do have any of these pieces then they will simply enhance your listing, but you don't HAVE to have them.

Many entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs find themselves in a chicken or the egg situation. They want an online presence, but they don't know where to start, they can't afford to hire a full-service team to do it all for them and in the meantime, while they're trying to figure it out, they miss out on valuable exposure time that could be helping them to work towards their goals.

We're here to Help and Educate.

The digital landscape is a major pain point for entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs. It creates a tremendous amount of overwhelm and frustration.

This makes us sad. Because the reality is that technology isn't magical, complicated or difficult - when you have the right steps, guidance, and support.

There is a great deal of misconception around advertising and marketing; and even more so since the onset of digital advertising. It can be a full time job just trying to figure it out and navigate it - when you have to tackle it on your own. This is one of many ways that we're different from all other local media. 

First, we help you establish visibility immediately. Second, we offer you opportunities to slowly work through the process of nailing digital - one step at a time, fully supported, and at a fraction of the cost. We promise, the digital landscape truly isn't as complicated as the gurus would like you to think it is. But baby steps! And the first step is consistent visibility.​

Gateway Gazette
Who's Who Business Directory

We provide the most comprehensive and active
digital business directory in the Foothills region.

Becoming a member of our business directory offers you a great deal of opportunity to get very clear and detailed in the information you're providing to your customers. Unlike other directories where there's no message, just limited contact information.

We're also very active on social media and make sure that your listing is getting featured and that the directory as a whole gets a lot of exposure making it a definite "go-to" place.​

While our directory started out with a focus on local businesses in the Foothills region, we've come to recognize the value to both readers and advertisers of expanding this out to include authors and online marketers who aren't geographically bound - especial since our readership extends beyond the Foothills region as well.

  1. Easy to use: We make sure that process of getting visibility for your business is as easy and as painless as possible. We are also available for any help you might need along the way. We're hands on and accessible, so it's not like dealing with some big, nameless and faceless Internet company.
  2. Consistent Visibility: A digital business directory is accessible 24/7/365 - this means that your potential customers can ALWAYS find you when they need you.
  3. Economical: There are few advertising opportunities that provide for as much active exposure that is sustainable for the long haul with a limited budget. Our business directory is one of those opportunities.

Current Active Listings:

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Chinook Windz Healthy Pet & Horse Supplies
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Foothills Lions Club
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Leap n Learn
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Black Diamond Liquor and Cold Beer
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My Wash Barn
Pharmasave Black Diamond
Abode Design
Welcome Wagon
KRA Wellness
Black Diamond Car and Truck Wash & Jiffy Lube
Unity Home Care
Perlich Bros. Auction Market Ltd.

Business Directory Membership Choices


Monthly auto-recurring

Unlimited self-serve updates

Social shares to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

  •  Short description
  •  Long description
  •  Full contact info
  •  Call to action
  •  One category
  •  One feature image

$31.50 / month


Annual auto-recurring

Unlimited self-serve updates

Social shares to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

  •  Short description
  •  Long description
  •  Full contact info
  •  Call to action
  •  One category
  •  One feature image
  •  2 months free

$315 / year


Monthly auto-recurring

Unlimited self-serve updates

Social shares to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

  •  Short description
  •  Long description
  •  Full contact info
  •  Call to action
  •  Additional categories
  •  Additional images
  •  Inclusion in digests
  •  FB Ad campaigns
  •  Custom landing page

$105 / month

The above prices are in Canadian Funds and include tax. We're a Canadian company based in Alberta and as such must include 5% GST.

Risk Free!

You're not locked in to any contracts with our business directory - you can cancel at any time prior to the next billing date to prevent any future costs.

"Advertising doesn't work, all my business comes from Word of Mouth"

Word of mouth is an extremely powerful marketing component for any business. But what many businesses don't realize is that it rarely works on it's own.

When an individual receives a recommendation for a business, they don't typically accept that recommendation blindly and jump in with both feet. The recommendation gives them a validated reason to research. These days, this research is most often conducted online.

For local businesses, when these referrals go looking, if you're not included in the local business directory they're going to immediately start wondering why.

Increase Credibility With a Local Business Directory

When consumers have access to a local business directory, the businesses who maintain an ongoing presence will become more real and tangible to those consumers.

A high quality listing also gives businesses the opportunity to show consumers how and why they are credible.

Even if you're not a local business, the same concept still applies. When a consumer visits their local directory and they see YOU included you can bet that they're going to pay attention - because now you're on their turf.

"Your team at the Gateway Gazette is completely dedicated to bringing together consumers and marketers. We go above and beyond to ensure that consumers can find what they're looking for and that businesses are in fact being found.”

Gateway Gazette

P.S.: If you're on the fence and would like to discuss this opportunity with us, then please send an email to [email protected] and we'll arrange a time to connect.