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Delivery Service is FREE and Daily from Pharmasave Black Diamond

By Gateway Gazette

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Jun 23


FREE daily delivery service from your Pharmasave Black Diamond store.

Jason and Deirdre, owners of Pharmasave Black Diamond, want to encourage you to use their FREE daily delivery service. It’s just one more way they are striving to serve you and help make your life more convenient.

You can request this service when you drop your prescription off or you can add it to the notes when you use their awesome App on your phone.

This wonderful service means that you can use the Pharmasave Phone App right from the Doctor’s office to request your medications be delivered and go home! What a time saving if you have kids in car seats!

Who is this service for? EVERYONE!  If you’re sick, if you can’t or don’t drive, if you have young children at home or if you simply don’t want to go out.

The service is inclusive of Black Diamond and Turner Valley but outlying areas will also be considered on a case by case basis depending on the distance.

In some cases, it will also be possible to have other front-of-store items included in the delivery.

Pharmasave is there to help in any way they can.


Visit our website: Pharmasave Black Diamond

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