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HCRCWA and RCMP Issue a Warning About an Amazon E-Mail Scam

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Dec 29

Police say they have received multiple reports from Amazon customers about E-Mails they had received regarding suspicious purchases they did not make. Much like a standard Amazon confirmation E-Mail, the notice contained details like the cost of the purchase and a shipping address.

When a person clicks on the “details” button, the E-Mails direct them to a fake Amazon login page designed to steal usernames and passwords. If that information is entered, it could potentially allow users to steal credit card information, police say.

RCMP Sgt. Paul Manaigre says that although similar reports come in year-round, online shoppers need to be extra vigilant during the holiday season when they are more likely to be shopping online.

“They’re hoping maybe to catch some unsuspecting victims maybe just not paying attention and hoping just to get those credit cards,” Manaigre said. “And then from there they make their illegal purchases,” he added.

Manaigre says that vigilant Amazon shoppers should keep a lookout for odd URLs and E-Mail addresses attached to those messages. For example, one of the E-Mails took users to a webpage with the URL “editorscuttv.us.” A legitimate Amazon webpage would have a URL that includes amazon.com or amazon.ca.

“Some of the words are not spelled properly in (the) English language, so that should be a giveaway,” he added.

Manitoba RCMP say that anyone who suspects they have received a scam E-Mail should report it online or by phone to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

We based the above on a CTV report that you can watch too by Googling “RCMP Amazon scam” (without the quotation marks). We are grateful to Jim Willson for bringing this to our attention.

Source: High Country Rural Crime Watch Association


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