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Submissions & Rate Card

Hey thanks for checking things out! 

This section is pretty much the “go-to” place on our website to find out what we have available for you to be a special part of the Gateway Gazette – whether that’s through providing articles, advertising or both.

We will be adding to these options as we get the forms setup. If you have any questions please call us at 403-933-4283 or email: [email protected].

Each of the headings below will expand to provide a form specific to the corresponding submission.

Housekeeping / Guidelines

  1. You do not pay at time of booking for any of these submissions. That means you’re not providing any payment information in these forms. 

  2. If you are choosing a paid option, please DO NOT include any credit card information within the form comments. We provide specific instructions on how to handle payments if applicable.

  3. This is a self-serve approach to providing guest posts and choosing advertising options, however we are only a phone call (403-933-4283) or an email ([email protected]) away and are happy to assist you in any way we can. You can complete and submit forms 24/7.

  4. You can submit as many forms as you like, as often as you like.

  5. We reserve the right to decline any submissions received at our own discretion. We will let you know when we make a decision one way or the other on each submission.

  6. If you’re a business experiencing financial hardship, PLEASE let us know. While we have expenses too, we will do what we can to work with you and find the best possible fit for you. During difficult times, marketing your business is even more important than during any other business cycle. Let us help.


Without further adieu – let’s jump in!

Rate Card

We’re in the process of some pretty major revamping with the Gateway Gazette. Throughout this process we will be introducing some new options for marketing your business.

Our primary focus for advertising opportunities will be:

  • Who’s Who Business Directory (starting at $300/yr or $30/mth)
  • Regular Ads ($100/wk)
  • VIP Site Sponsorship ($600/mth)
  • Select Special Features (TBA)
  • Training Courses (online)
  • Strategic Planning

If you would like information on the details regarding any of these options please email: [email protected] Attention: Tanya.

In the meantime, we have revamped the Who’s Who Business Directory – we highly recommend this for all businesses, regardless of your marketing intentions. Our Business Directory is highly visible and promoted significantly throughout our social media channels. You can include a substantial amount of information in one of these listings as well. It’s definitely a high value option at a very affordable rate.

All of our regular advertising is “post” based, meaning that no matter what type of ad you want, you will get a full page ad to do what you like with. All of our ads are shared out through our social media channels and we’ll be adding options for increasing that social media presence.

We are HUGE advocates of “Content Marketing” – in short, this means that you’re providing high value articles to your customers and prospects, using us as means of distribution to increase your reach and exposure and in turn developing strengthening relationships with your customers and prospects giving them a reason to enter your sales funnel. Contact us for more details.

Community Event (Free Listing)

Add your community event (free)

  • In addition to our free community events calendar, if you would like to provide any press release articles for us to run in the Gateway Gazette and share throughout our Social Media networks, please email them to: [email protected]. We also have a variety of affordable advertising options available if you'd like to maximize your exposure. Learn more at: Please call us at 403-933-4283 for more information or email us at: [email protected].


Classified Ads (Free Listing)

Our classifieds have their own special setup for submitting listings, so the best option is to head on over there at:

Guest Post Article (Free Submission)

Guest Post Article

  • Thank you for submitting your guest post. We only have a few criteria for these submissions.

    1. Guest bloggers may include a link back to their own blog and include a brief bio at the end of their article.

    2. Articles must be high value content.

    3. We encourage repurposing content, but recommend that you do make some modifications to it before submitting. (A refreshed opening sentence, move things around, new images etc).

    4. Please don't submit an article that is nothing more than a replacement for an ad (it will be rejected - a waste of your time and ours).

    5. Links are permitted within articles, especially if they link back to more of your own content. If you're including external links (perhaps for affiliate purposes) please don't over do it - 1 or 2 maximum.
  • Contact Information

  • Article Details

  • Include up to 3 photos to include in your article and 1 custom feature image.


Who’s Who Business Directory (Paid Listing)

Basic Listing: $30/mth or $300/yr

We have a new, online booking system in place for our business directory. Through the link below you’ll be able to access the booking link, choose your payment option of monthly or annual, purchase the listing, and build out your listing – completely at your convenience.

Click here: Who’s Who Business Directory advertising details and booking form

Regular Ads (Paid Listing)

$100+gst per week. Each week our regular ads include:

  • A full-page post in our website.
    You can include whatever you like on this page, there are no limits.
    Some examples include:

    • Text based information
    • Links
    • Images
    • Videos (provided they are hosted through YouTube)
  • A custom feature image included in a shared slider on our website.
  • 8 direct social shares between 5 different social media accounts using Twitter, Facebook,Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Inclusion in 1 Daily Digest email and 1 Weekly Digest email.

This is a weekly package and all of the same features are provided for each week that an ad is booked to run.

To book this ad, please call 403-933-4283 or email: [email protected]

A monthly, discounted price is also available with an annual commitment.

VIP Site Sponsorship Ads (Paid Listing)

$600+gst per month. Each week our VIP ads include:

  • A full-page post in our website.
    You can include whatever you like on this page, there are no limits.
    Some examples include:

    • Text based information
    • Links
    • Images
    • Videos (provided they are hosted through YouTube)
  • A custom feature image included in a dedicated slider on our website.
  • 12 direct social shares between 6 different social media accounts using Twitter, Facebook,Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Inclusion in 1 Daily Digest email and 1 Weekly Digest email.
  • Custom footer on all your ad and article posts.
  • VIP advertisers are highly encouraged to provide a weekly article for content marketing as well, these are additional posts to the full-page ad posts each week.

This is a monthly package and the above features are provided on a weekly basis.

To book this ad, please call 403-933-4283 or email: [email protected]

This option is only available on an annual commitment.

Training Courses

Through our training division of Panoptic Foundations, we offer pre-packaged courses, as well as custom courses, that are designed to teach tech challenged people how to get going with their online presence. We cover everything from scratch to palace of your website, social media, content, planning and scheduling.

Visit: to learn more

We recommend getting started with our free, online workshop, which you can register for here:

Strategic Planning

Marketing and advertising is complicated enough for most business owners. But the shift into the digital landscape has begun to truly leave many in the dust. With 25 years of experience in business, marketing and technology, Tanya is well versed in the ins and outs of the digital landscape, how it’s evolved and how you can keep up with it – without causing burn-out.

Through a strategic planning session with Tanya you’ll discover what the best options are for your particular business, circumstances, goals, and budget. Nothing is “free” because even if something doesn’t have a dollar cost tied to it, there is the time factor to consider – and time is money. Tanya will walk you through the options you have available, what sort of costs and/or time commitment you can expect and help you to layout an implementation plan that is realistic and sustainable for you.

Email your name, phone number, and a brief description of your business to: [email protected] and Tanya will contact you regarding the next steps.

Payment Instructions

Please do not provide credit information in the forms above or by email.

All prices are displayed in CAD and are subject to the addition of 5% GST.

Call us with your credit card number (or print and fax the form below)

Call us at 403-933-4283 to provide your Visa, Mastercard or Amex as payment for your ad.

Credit Card Authorization Form (click here)

Fax number: 1-888-516-5677