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Turner Valley Budget Approved

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Mar 12

Turner Valley… At the Regular Meeting of Council held Monday, March 4, 2019 Council approved the 2019 Operating budgets.

Administration presented Council the final draft of the budget which included $194,600 in costsaving initiatives, without significantly affecting core services. The budget represents the financial resources needed to support Council’s key strategic priorities. Public input helped guide Council’s decision as approximately 400 survey responses confirmed the importance of reducing costs without impacting the current recreational programs and services. The total operating budget amounts to $5,786,971 representing a 1.8% increase from 2018. With the exception of some third-party service provider increases, the 2019 operating budget remains at 2018 levels.

Current fee for service rate s will not increase, however, they will be reviewed in 2019.

Council sets the property tax bylaw in the spring of 2019, at which time other factors such as the school and seniors requisitions will be known, as well as, the final property assessments, all of which have an impact on property taxes.

The 2019 Capital Budget was approved by Council in November 2018 in the amount of $417,000. Most of the projects will be financed through municipal grants.

• GPS system purchase
• Flare ‘n Derrick community hall renovations
• Rubber tire backhoe purchase
• Alley apron paving project
• Emergency management – structural protection unit
• Municipal enforcement vehicle and body cameras
• Solar-powered cross walk, Kennedy and Main Street
• Ice rink safety netting
• North entrance sign
• Self-contained breathing apparatus – fire department

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