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Vote for Heather Pfeil for Foothills School Board Trustee Ward 1

By Gateway Gazette

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Oct 09

Heather's Bio

Heather was born and raised in South Africa, immigrated to Canada in 1993, She settled in the small town of Okotoks, where her two school going girls attended OJS and FCHS, Both girls graduated from the Comp.

Heather got involved with the community activities and joined many committees she was the Vice President for the Okotoks Chamber of Commerce, was on the EDC Board, President for the OFSC and volunteered at all the community events.

In 2008 Gerald, Heather and family relocated to the beautiful town of Turner Valley where she has again got deeply involved in the community, She is presently serving on the FCSS Advisory Board, The founder of 4-H Valley ACES and is a 4-H Leader.Heather has been actively involved with the well being of children and has gained many certificates relating to child development, including ASSIST, Mental Health First Aid, Hearing Impaired Coaching, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Behavioural Disorders, and she has worked closely with High Risk children.

In South Africa, Heather championed access for Hard of Hearing children into mainstream schools.

With the population dynamic in Diamond Valley changing and younger families moving into the area, and as a proponent of education, she sees the fundamental schooling of these younger children being of paramount importance.

Gerald and Heather are the proud parents of 3 adult daughters, one five-year-old son and five grandchildren.

Heather's Platform

Heather believes that there are very few things that matter more than a strong public education system.

Education is a community endeavour and Heather is passionate about bringing people together, listening to diverse perspectives and working with others to make our education system the best it can be for the sake of our children, grandchildren and the future direction of education in the Foothills.

Her beliefs are that each and every student should be treated the same. Inclusion is key to a child's development. Bullying needs to be eradicated. The safety and wellness of every child is of paramount importance.

Her goals as a Trustee, is to learn as much as she can, use what she learns to the betterment of Ward 1, relay and communicate relevant information.

Be the best she can be on the team of Trustees. Listen to the students, the parents and the teachers, and learn and advocate on their behalf.

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Heather for Ward 1 Trustee