Want to know what makes an advertising campaign EFFECTIVE?

Want to know what makes an advertising campaign EFFECTIVE?

By Gateway Gazette

Aug 10

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advertisingHow often have you heard someone say that advertising doesn’t work? Or that they ran an ad but didn’t get any response? (Maybe you’ve even said this yourself?)

I guess it depends how much you hang-out with business owners and talk marketing… but for me, it’s a daily occurrence, and has been for years.

So why is it that advertising is also a $200 billion industry in the US alone – if it doesn’t work?

Because businesses know that they need to reach their audience if they want to generate more sales – and there are people out there who specialize in refining the art and science of advertising, and yes it’s both.

However, the biggest problem when it comes to advertising is that the vast majority of business owners aren’t trained in marketing and they don’t have the budget to hire expert agencies to handle it for them.

Unfortunately, there is also a misconception that whether or not an ad is effective and will produce an ROI is relevant to the publication/medium that the ad is provided through. The vast majority of the time, it’s not.

The reality is that ANY audience has the potential to provide an ROI on an ad. There might be a few rare exceptions when it comes to super specialized niches, but they’re rare. When we’re looking at mainstream media outlets of any medium and any size – it’s not the media provider itself that determines whether or not your ad will work.

A media provider is really nothing more than a distribution channel. And to paraphrase Roy Williams, there’s no such thing as a bad audience. In fact, when you consider the six-degrees of separation theory, every person out there provides potential to grow your business – because if something isn’t a direct fit for them, chances are high that they know someone that it is a fit for.

It’s more important to be aware of this than you likely think.

There are actually many variables and factors that come into play to determine the effectiveness of your ad.

The obvious component is the message itself. What does your ad say? And more importantly what is it saying in the minds of the audience you’re reaching? You need to create specific messages that speak to specific people – even if that means creating multiple different messages. Don’t try to snag all of your different audience targets in one message – it’ll end up not working on anyone.

Another component is your imagery. Visuals are huge when it comes to advertising, they convey so many different thoughts and emotions in the people who see them. So make sure that your visuals align with your messages as well as the intended, specific audience.

We’ll dive deeper on these topics in other articles, for now just start thinking about these two important components and let your subconscious do the wonderful things that it does – you’ll soon have more ideas than you’ll know what to do with.

Before I go, I want to point out that besides these obvious components, there are actually 3 other essential components if you want to make your advertising campaigns effective. Want to learn what they are? Click the button below to download a short, free report that explains them.

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Author Bio - Tanya Jones-Thibodeau
My passion is helping people. I have a knack for it. Twenty-five years ago I was helping people learn how to play the piano – today I’m helping people learn how to play the computer. I work primarily with raw beginners and those just getting going in the digital landscape. I guide you step by step in setting up your online presence so you’re excited to share it with the world. I provide online courses and strategic planning on all aspects of leveraging the digital landscape to increase the exposure of your business – from how to use the technology behind to what makes for effective marketing. I’ve led an enjoyably varied with over 25 years of business experience in different sectors – it all adds to what I do. My background in publishing, marketing, technology, small business and professional industries all helped to inspire my desire to develop this style of training programs. I’m the techie who speaks non-techie!

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