WaterFind Inc.

WaterFind Inc.
WaterFind Inc.
Find Well Water Before You Drill!

We are always ready to work.

Easily half of WaterFind’s surveys done in the last 10 years are booked as a result of dry holes

following a drill attempt for well in a known “dry” or “tough to find water” area. Some of our clients

have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars looking for water and we are often called as a last

resort. We encourage everyone in any area to call us first.

Why settle on the yield you get by chance when our technology will help you optimize the location?

Though we don’t have experience everywhere, check out the mapped survey sites on our website and

likely we have done work close by and can provide references. At the very least we will provide

insight on the difficulty finding water on or near your property. Farmers and Ranchers are eligible for

support from the Growing Forward program which will cover a portion of our fees.

Visit our website at waterfind.ca or call our toll free 877-388- 7388?

Call Before you drill, and before you dig!

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WaterFind Inc.