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Local advertising services. We can also work with custom requests for social media management and strategic planning.

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Regular/Feature Ads:
$105 per week. Each week our regular/feature ads include:

  • A full-page post in our website.
    You can include whatever you like on this page, there are no limits.
    Some examples include:

    • Text based information
    • Links
    • Images
    • Videos (provided they are hosted through YouTube)
  • A custom feature image included in a shared slider on our website.
  • 8 direct social shares between 5 different social media accounts using Twitter, Facebook,Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Inclusion in 1 Daily Digest email and 1 Weekly Digest email.

All of the above features and inclusions are provided for each week that an ad is booked to run.

Book your ad for 1 week:

Book your ad for 1 month:

Book your ad to recur monthly:

Make a Payment

To book a set number of multiple units of the same thing (such as 2 weeks or 2 months) you can use the Make a Payment field below to enter your payment amount. You can also use this field to make a payment on a previously issued invoice.

Simply enter the amount you wish to pay in the blank box an then click the button.

All prices in this section are in Canadian Funds and include GST. 

Upon successful purchase of any of these options you will receive an email with further instructions.

We also provide a variety of resources, courses and training opportunities. Please refer to our Panoptic Foundations division from the home page:

If you have any questions regarding any of our products or services you can email: [email protected] or you can call: 1-403-933-4283

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