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Welcome to the Panoptic News network. We accept content submissions and guest bloggers from a wide range of niches.

We don’t have a ton of “rules” but we do have a few. So it’s important that you read this page and follow the instructions. Failure to do so will likely result in submissions or requests being ignored. We receive a great deal of spam email, so following these instructions is what will set you apart and let us know that you’re a real person with real content to share.

  1. We currently only accept submissions for two divisions, so be sure to indicate which division you’re submitting to. If you submit content for, or to, any other division of our network it will be ignored.
    1. Gateway Gazette – primary digital media publication, covers all range of topics.
    2. Bookshop Bistro – any, and only, book related content.
  2. Content may not be a replacement for an ad. We have paying advertisers and if you’re looking for “free advertising” this isn’t the way to do it.
  3. All content submissions must come with a bio about the person or company providing the content. If you’re a ghostwriter then the bio should be about whoever you’re writing on behalf of.  No content will be accepted or published without a bio offering credibility to where the content is coming from. A link to a relevant website for the provided bio should be included.
  4. Content may not include more than 2 external links within the body of the content, any links included must go to a reputable site, and the text that is linked must clearly represent where the link will be taking someone.
  5. Submissions may be in written form, or visual form (pictures or videos). All visual forms must be copyright free and you take full responsibility for the legal use of any visuals you submit. Videos must be provided in the form of a YouTube link – we don’t offer video hosting.
  6. All submissions must be sent by email to: [email protected] – submissions to any other email will be ignored. The one exception is if you choose to use the submission form located within the Bookshop Bistro website.
  7. CRITICAL: You must format your subject line with:  Submission – Division – Topic (for example: Submission – Gateway Gazette – Lifestyle) – This is critical, and this is the one primary factor that will separate your submission from the spam we receive. Any other subject line will be ignored.

Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines will result in your submissions being ignored.  We want to help to spread your word and you’re helping us by providing content… however, our readers come first, so we will only accept quality submissions. If we’re uncertain about the credibility of a submission, we won’t publish it.

We are also a very small team handling a great deal of work. Because of this, we don’t have time to personally respond to any submissions that we’re not prepared to publish.  Please don’t keep emailing to ask if we got your last email – those are flagged as spam and automatically deleted without anyone even reading them.  If you want to know why you haven’t heard back, use the same subject line format as above, include the original email, and add a personal note to the beginning.

If we do publish your submission, then you’ll receive an email with the schedule date of the post.

We reserve the right to make any edits to the submitted content that we deem to be appropriate (this typically ends up being some form of typo or grammatical error) – however, we may simply choose to not run your submission if it is poorly written and full of errors. Please proof-read before submitting.

It would be lovely if we could just say “send us stuff”, unfortunately, spam has made it impossible to do that – we need to know you’re a genuine person with genuine content to share with our readership.

Thank you!
Tanya Thibodeau, Publisher
Pam Jones, Editor
Tracey Walshaw, Administrator

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