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Eliminate the fear, frustration, and overwhelm that goes with trying to figure out the digital landscape: For authors and businesses.

We’ve recently revamped our online school and are adding new tutorials weekly. Check it out at:

Tech coaching: A unique combination that can include consulting, support, training, and done for you services.

Creating an online presence is a critical component for any business.

It’s also a component that creates a tremendous amount of stress for many people.

It doesn’t need to.

With the right plan, guide and steps, Building, Using, Growing and Savouring your online presence is something that can be an enjoyable and rewarding process.

An Online Presence is the combination of everything you have and do online and is comprised primarily of 4 key components:

1. Website
2. Social Media
3. Content
4. Engagement

We teach the process of BUGS to create and maintain these 4 components:
Build it
Use it
Grow it
Savour it

And we break the entire journey down into 4 Stages:

Stage 1: Starting from scratch, setting up the foundation using the free plans of tools that are designed to grow with you.
(Free website, Leveraging FB, starter level content, introduction to engagement.)

Stage 2: Upgrading the tools and ramping up your foundation by one level.
(Paid plan on, FB Live, adding one additional social media platform, stepping up your content a notch, diving deeper with engagement.)

Stage 3: Migrating into more robust levels of the tools you’ve started with.
(Migrate current site (or starting new site) into a self-hosted version of WordPress, adding one additional social media platform and choosing one to be the primary focus, deeper leverage of your content, creating your own community.)

Stage 4: Top level specialization.
(Custom functionality for your website such as eCommerce or Membership model, deeper strategies for social media growth and maintenance, repurposing your content via different formats, leverage paid ads.)

Each Stage builds on the Stage before it, but each are fully, independently functional – meaning that you don’t necessarily need to progress to the next Stage. Stage 1 may be the perfect fit for your needs. Or maybe Stage 3 is a better fit. Or maybe you sit at Stage 2 for a couple of months or years, and then progress to Stage 3. And you don’t necessarily need to start at Stage 1.

There’s tons of flexibility with the ongoing use, creation, and maintenance of your online presence when you build it on a solid foundation.

AND when you approach it with a plan and a guide, it’s not going to rob you of your time or drain your bank account.

Our full-stage-courses that will be coming soon are listed below.

However, we do also have a website only course available that you can get started with immediately – in this course you will actually build your first website in – there are no additional costs besides the course fee, which is only $47USD.

You can enroll directly in our courses that are available at:

The regular price of each full-stage-course is $497 one-time fee, or $197/month for 3 months.

But you can save 25% off the price if you put a deposit down before the course is released.

Stage 1: Pre-order deposit of $125; balance of $245 once course releases (total cost $370)

Stage 2: Pre-order deposit of $125; balance of $245 once course releases (total cost $370)

Stage 3: Pre-order deposit of $125; balance of $245 once course releases (total cost $370)

Stage 4: Pre-order deposit of $125; balance of $245 once course releases (total cost $370)

Why are we currently offering a lower price? Because a) our costs are cheaper when you purchase through our website like this, and b) if you’re putting a deposit down on a pre-order for a course that’s not yet available, we believe you deserve a thank you for that!

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